Festival Programs

Elderflower fire_circle creation.jpg
Fire Circle being created for the Main Ritual

Sponsored Rituals:


Please note that all ritual presenters donate their time and energy to put on the Opening, Closing and Main Rituals for all of us to enjoy. They are not paid to present, it is their gift to the community and in service to the Goddess. Please be respectful during the rituals.


If you are interested in presenting a ritual at future Festivals, please let a Council Member know of your intentions and you will be notified once the selection process has happened. Selection usually takes place in September after the festival.


Opening Ritual

Cleanses, Grounds, Calls in the directions and the Goddess, and sets the sacred space and tone for the festival.


Main Ritual

Frequently a magical working is planned. Sometimes planned collaboratively at the festival and led by one or a group or coven of women. Watch for ritual workshops if you want to be involved.


Closing Ritual

Thanks the directions, Dismisses the Goddess and say good bye to each other and the land until next year.

EWF quilt.jpg
Festival participants displaying a collectively created quilt.

Festival-Sponsored Activities

  • Honoring of the Crones and Croning ritual

  • Talent Show - Friday evening we gather together, in the dining hall, to have fun and entertain each other with our special talents, gifts of humor and skills, bring your best to share!

These listed below may not occur every year, it depends on who will volunteer to hold the ceremonies and rituals

  • Amazon Training and Ritual

  • Girl's Activities

  • Maiden's Activities

  • Opportunities for Mothers to share wisdom and ideas

  • Opportunities for community Priestesses to gather and share information


Workshops led by festival attendees could include:

  • Arts and Crafts - useful or decorative objects, musical instruments, toys, charms, jewelry, use of found objects, expressive art based on dreams, emotions or symbols

  • Discussions - political/class issues, activism, cultural and spiritual diversity; life passages, personal identity; ecology; lifestyle; networking, etc.

  • Movement, Dance and Body speaking - self defense, martial arts, folk/ethnic dance, ritual movement, moving meditation, body language and energy work, games and sports

  • Music and Drumming - songs, chants, song writing, power of music in spirituality, percussion

  • Natural Healing - herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences, massage, bodywork, laying on of hands, movement therapy, rituals for recovery from trauma or addiction, life passages rituals, body image and sexuality discussions and ritual

  • Nature Study - plant identification walks, bird watching, moonlight hike, star gazing, geology

  • Psychic Skills - meditation, telepathy, visualization, aura sensing, dowsing, scrying in water, mirrors or stones, tarot, rune or other forms of divination, dream circle, past life regression, angel and animal powers/guides/allies making & charging magical objects, crystals

  • Religion, Mythology, Herstory - archetypes, ancestors, myths on a particular theme, Goddess art, historical women's movements

  • Short Rituals - teaching or sharing short rituals with others


If you are interested in leading a workshop at Elderflower please email your workshop idea and a short description. When registering please also fill out the Workshop Registration form that is directly linked to your registration form.

Gourd art created in a festival workshop