Who are the priestesses? There is no single definition. At Elderflower Womenspirit, we say that a priestess is a woman who has:

  • - Made earth centered or Goddess centered spirituality central to her life's purpose.

  • - Has chosen a path of service to the sacred.

  • - Shares her knowledge and wisdom with other people.

In some cultures, women do priestess work under another title such as medicine woman, mambo, shaman or witch.

Elderflower Womenspirit is a place where priestesses of all levels of experience may come to refresh themselves and to meet other priestesses. We seek to increase the variety of activities of special interest to priestesses of any tradition and type of practice.

Elderflower Womenspirit honors the guidance of priestesses in every aspect of the festival, from rituals to the atmosphere in the dining hall. We welcome suggestions and help. If you are interested in participating or have questions, contact the festival.

We are currently searching for a Priestess Coordinator to develop this program. We seek someone to build a program to support and nurture our accomplished and aspiring spiritual and community leaders. Please let us know if you are interested in taking on this on.


A Note About Interfaith Work:
Ministers and teachers of religions that are not Goddess oriented are welcome to participate in Elderflower Womenspirit Priestess activities.