The Mother aspect of the Goddess is the time of full fruition - like the full moon phase - when projects are undertaken with great care. Children, careers, works of art, and a myriad of possible creative adventures are planned and brought into being. This is the summer of a woman's life marked by full power and strength, potency, creativity, and productivity. This is a time when she declares herself sovereign over her own life. She rules her own dominion with the courage and dignity of a queen. She wields her power, conscious of her impact. She nurtures, heals, loves, and encourages herself as well as others. She protects with ferocity, nurtures with tenderness, loves with passion and commitment. She teaches, shares, facilitates, sings, dances, laughs, and works with the enthusiasm of a creatress. This does not mean that you have to have given birth to a child or have adopted one, to become a Mother at Elderflower Womenspirit.


Mother Crowning Ritual

This is a ritual open to women ready to honor entering or being in the mother phase of a woman's spiritual life. You do not have to have had a child to be a mother. Depending on the choice of the Mother Coordinator, other festival attendees may welcome to attend the ritual to provide support to the Mothers. Thanks go to Suzy P. who started this tradition at Elderflower at the 1995 festival.