Council members

Elderflower Womenspirit Festival would not be possible without hours of work by our dedicated volunteers. Please consider donating your time and effort. Many talented women working together to create a magical and fulfilling event! If you are interested in becoming more involved at the festival, please see the list of council and coordinator positions below. You may contact us at

All Council Members may receive a full ($80) discount to the festival registration fees. All council members will also receive a waiver from the community service requirement as they must arrive on Wednesday afternoon and participate in Festival set up and clean up. Find out more about becoming a Council Member.

Council Members and Positions Descriptions

Suzanne - Festival Logistic Organizer

Coordinates with Purse. Makes contacts with catering, Mendocino Woodlands, cleaning service. Liaison between the Council and the Webmistress and helps maintain the website. Coordinates with Publicity to ensure events and ads are completed as necessary and in a timely matter. Coordinates with Communications and Social Media coordinators for both newsletters and facebook information.

Phyllis - Purse

Maintains bank accounts, completes reimbursements and sends contract payments. (Mendocino Woodlands contract, Insurance, Caterer, AIWP)


Bear - Registration Coordinator

Maintain database, collect registration forms, document and forward money to Purse, make the cabin assignments, compile registration packets and collect workshop registration forms and forwards them to the Program Manager in a timely manner.


(currently unfilled) - Publicity and Special Events Organizer

Creates ads, submits the ads to local Pagan organizations and stores, publications and websites. Organizes the information, sets up the room and table, staffs it with volunteers for local events.

Non-Council positions

Nancy W. - Program Manager

Compiles all workshop forms and creates workshop schedule (times and locations), creates workshop schedule board and posts it by the beginning of the festival (Thursday morning). Creates the festival program (with general workshop descriptions and information for needed supplies and the general festival schedule).

Terry - Social Media Coordinator

Managers and moderates the Facebook pages (both public and private).

Seagiver (Dianna) - Newsletter Coordinator

Edits the Newsletter information provided by the council. Manages the email list and sends out the Newsletters on an as needed basis. 

On Site Festival Coordinators

All on site coordinators receive a waiver for the Community Service (CSV) requirement at the festival. They perform their service to the community during the course of their fulfillment of the coordinator position. If you are interested in filling one of these coordinator positions please inform any of the Council Members listed above. You may call or email us at (415) 339-8000 or for more information.


Open and Closing Ritual Coordinator

Responsible for the creation and production of the Opening and Closing rituals. Establish the magical and protective boundary for the festival grounds. Monitor the energy during the festival, clearing and reinforcing it as needed.

Main Ritual Coordinator

Create and facilitate the Main Ritual for the festival. The coordinator is responsible for all pre ritual planning. This includes finding and delegating ritual details during and after the ritual. It is strongly suggested that this woman have an assistant to help her meet her needs both pre and post ritual.

Silent Auction Coordinator

Responsible for gathering donations for the Silent Auction and manage the auction at the festival. This includes paperwork before the auction, setting up the auction tables, sorting and compiling the items and paperwork at the completion of the auction, disbursement of the auction items to the winners and collecting the monies raised by the auction.

Newcomer Coordinator

Responsible for conducting a newcomer workshop at the festival giving new festival attendees basic camp information and Elderflower Womenspirit Festival community information. Also, be available to new festival attendees to answer questions as needed. (This woman should have attended at least one previous Elderflower).

Maiden Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating activities, workshops and rituals for Maidens (young girls). Notify the Program Manager about any scheduling needs for workshops and rituals. Learn more about Maidens.


Mother Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating activities, workshops and Mother Crowning ritual for Mothers. Notify the Program Manager about any scheduling needs for workshops and rituals. Learn more about Mothers.


Crone Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating the Crone activities, workshops and ritual. Notify the Program Manager about any scheduling needs for workshops and rituals. Learn more about Crones.

Amazon Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating the Amazon activities, workshops and ritual. Notify the Program Manager about any scheduling needs for workshops and rituals. Learn more about Amazons.

Priestesses Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating the Priestess activities, workshops and ritual. Notify the Program Manager about any scheduling needs for workshops and rituals. Learn more about Priestesses.

Talent Show Coordinator/MC

Responsible for preparing and presenting the Performing Arts Show on Saturday evening. Setting out sign up sheets for performers on Saturday afternoon, arranging the line up of performers, and introducing the performers.


Clean and Sober Coordinator

Responsible for scheduling and conducting the 12 step meetings. Monitoring the Clean and Sober area and reporting to Council if alcohol or drugs are observed in unauthorized areas, providing or arranging individual support to Festival attendees, as needed.


Medical Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating medical support at the Festival. Scheduling shifts for other medical personnel, if available. Monitoring inventory of first aid kit and replenishing supplies as needed. Responding to medical needs and emergencies, as needed. Contact EMS and coordinate as necessary.


Treasure and Name Tag Tables Coordinator

Responsible for organizing and maintaining the Name Tag and Treasure Tables throughout the festival. This includes helping during set up and cleanup. The Name Tag table needs to be set up no later than Thursday morning. This person must make sure that all Treasure Table items that are left at the end of the Festival are packed up and picked up by the original owner. Turn in the cash box to the Purse when the Treasure Table is taken down.

Community Service Coordinator

Responsible for making sure all festival attendees have signed up for a Community Service Volunteer (CSV) shift (except those in a position with a CSV waiver) making sure the CSV jobs are being completed, follow up if the attendee does not show up or complete their task.

Vendor/Merchant and Body Worker Coordinator

Responsible for recruiting and organizing merchants, body workers, healers, readers, etc., to offer merchandise or services at the Festival or other EWF events. Contact registered merchant or service providers to discuss their needs and to provide information on festival policies and procedures.

Security and Parking Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing the camp security, making sure security volunteers complete their assigned walk through at night. Directing parking per Festival and Mendocino Woodlands policies. Contact festival attendees who need to have their cars moved, if needed. Watch for and respond to any possible fire issues.

Kitchen Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing the kitchen set up and final clean up. Interacting with the catering staff, dishwashers and kitchen volunteers. Serving as the contact person for any women with special dietary needs.

On site Registration Coordinator

Responsible for setting up Festival Registration area and making sure the Name Tag Table is set up by Wednesday evening. Training and assisting registration staff. Responding to any registration issues or questions as needed. Monitoring the cash received and turn the money in to the Purse.

Becoming a Council Member

Are you interested in joining the council? Here is some basic information on how to become a council member:

Any member of the EWF community that has attended the festival for 2 years or more is welcome to inquire about an open position on the council.

An open position is one that has been vacated by a previous member OR a position that has been filled by the same woman for 3 consecutive years. After the 3 year commitment, that position will be considered available.

Any woman interested in and available for a council member position MUST make their interest known, to the council, NO LATER than the last day of the current years festival. All available positions will be voted on at the first Open Council Meeting following the Festival. Which is usually in October and the date will be posted on the website and the email list.

If you have an interest in taking a council member position we suggest that you consider shadowing the woman holding that position for a year. This allows you to attend all council meetings and work closely with an out going council member. Finally, it is requested that any woman taking on a council member position be prepared to give a 3 year commitment. Obviously, life can interfere with such a long term commitment, but, we ask that your intention be such that you feel strongly that you would be prepared to give the full 3 year commitment barring any major unforeseen circumstances.