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Workshops and Rituals

This is a list of workshops that have appeared in previous years of the festival. A particular workshop listed here may not necessarily be at the festival this year. The Program, which will be available when you register at the festival, will have a more detailed and complete list of workshops.

Newcomers Welcome

Come gather to meet and greet one another and honor our commitment to self and spirit that draw us to the woodland. We will review the Elderflower program and traditions. Bring your program guides and your questions!

- Greenheart


Dreams for Elderflower Woman

What could be more spiritual than our dreams – they often refer to archetypal energies – the goddesses are welcome!! One might even say this is where they live – in the dream world, in the deep unconscious. But what really happens in the workshops is integration – something that has been broken becomes linked again. And this almost always happens in the sharing of dreams at Elderflower. Yet it is not something that happens routinely elsewhere. Come see for yourself. But remember, if real sharing is going to happen, each workshop is limited to 4 or 5 of us “Elderflower Women!”

- Nancy Wallace


Crone Workshop


- Marni Temple


Beginning Hula

I will show you some hula steps, the movements and the meanings behind them. Then we'll put them together in a short dance. Did you know that in Hawaii, dancers were under the protection of the goddess Laka?

- Dianna Seagiver


Tarot for Self-Development

Deepen your understanding of the Tarot—and yourself—by dialoguing with and even becoming a card. We will use several techniques to explore ourselves and issues that concern us by means of the Tarot’s powerful symbols. The workshop will focus on using intuition to choose cards deliberately, rather than drawing them randomly as in traditional Tarot spreads. Knowledge of Tarot is useful but not required. Bring your own deck if you have one, but I’ll have loaners for those who do not (or want to try a new one). Bring something to write on and with.

- Lisa Yount


The Four Agreements and Tools of Creation

Be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personal, don’t make assumptions, always do your best. Bring pen and paper for notes.

- Bear


Writing in Nature

Writing in community is so different from writing alone. Come soak in the bottomless pool of the Collective Unconscious. Writing in the fresh air outdoors beats writing in stuffy Ivory Tower rooms. Come write tall among the magnificent redwoods. Bring paper, pen/pencil, an open mind and an open heart. Anybody is welcome, regardless of writing experience. We will start with the blank page and end with magical words on that page.

- Rita Losch


Wet-Your-Pants Funny skit

Come brainstorm and plan a simple skit which we will "perform" at the Talent Show. Talent not required. Just bring your sense of humor, costume ideas, and simple plot ideas. A guaranteed laugh-riot!

- Rita Losch


Moving / Right Sizing Where One Lives

A discussion group with Spring Ruth Friedlander about my surprising choice to move into a senior co-housing community being built in the City I have lived in for decades, Oakland CA, in the East Bay of San Francisco, instead of continuing to age in place in my shared, formerly collective household. In the process of right sizing, I am physically moving to my own unit in a new community with lots of shared space. This is significant for many reasons that may be of interest to others who perhaps have been in the position of looking for housing, community, and/or right sizing in the Bay Area.

Building community continues to be my goal, and I am interested in hearing the experiences of other women both single and partnered.

- Spring Friedlander


Drumming 101

Come learn the rhythms that we will be drumming at the main ritual. Everyone is welcome to drum at the ritual.

- Donna Lauzon and Alice Heimsoth


Drumming for Ritual

Come learn the rhythms that we will be drumming at the main ritual. Everyone is welcome to drum at the ritual.

- Donna Lauzon and Alice Heimsoth


Amazon Drumming and Dance

Let your spirit soar! Come be wild and crazy! Ecstatic drumming and dancing with the Amazons.

- Donna Lauzon and Alice Heimsoth


Move with the Earth

Learn to connect with Mother Earth through movement. I connect with her regularly to feel sensual and confident while belly dancing. I would love to share my technique with you, as well as teach a few basic belly dance moves. If you can get to the learning area, but can only sit in a chair for the most part - don't worry about it. I teach upper body movements that are effective in making this spiritual and uplifting connection with Mother.

To help focus on your center of gravity, bring a scarf for your hips – coins, bells, beads NOT required.

- Robin Grey


Amazon Adventures / Building Sisterhood

For the Girls and the Young at Heart. A walk through our wonder ground. Share your years of adventures on being an Amazon in your daily lives. Learn some basic survival skills. Bring a bag to carry small items and a cloth of some type.

- Donna Lauzon


Introduction to Qigong

Qigong (Chee-Gung) is an ancient Taoist system that includes movement and meditation. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine it is designed to increase your health and well-being. This workshop will focus on playful movement combined with intention and noticing. There are no physical restrictions, this class is appropriate for all levels of physical ability. Bring your body, your sense of humor and your curiosity as we play with ancient Taoist alchemy.

- Sherry Hood


Nature Walk

The walk might be a mile as we pay attention to what we see in the woods and stream nearby. The Mendocino Woodlands brochure will guide us.

- Mariko


Self Defense for Women

Self-defense for women will teach you how to defend against and attacker utilizing simple techniques and common items. We will practice techniques with partners. This class is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

- Christine Mitchell


Growing Food in Containers and Small Spaces

Beyond tomatoes. :-) you can grow a wide variety of nutrient-dense delicious food abundantly in small spaces. Thornless blackberries on a balcony. Green onions in a pot. Kale among your landscape. Pumpkin vines running over your brown lawn. Multiple varieties easily grafted onto fruit trees. Mushrooms in a shady corner. Readily available nitrogen fertilizer you make yourself, literally. Free mulch. Come get inspired and share your experiments.

- Ann Vallian


Backyard Beekeeping

Backyard beekeeping will provide information about the building and maintenance of small hives. We will discuss common issues with hives, organic maintenance, honey and wax harvesting, feed, pest and disease issues. We will also discuss how to work with your hive and assess the health of your bees. If there is an interest, we can discuss the art of grafting and raising new queens. I will do a Q&A for anyone who has any questions about keeping their own backyard beehive.

- Christine Mitchell


Make Your Own Dreamcatcher

Come and make your own dreamcatchers. All supplies will be provided. You can bring your own ribbon and adornments if you wish.

- Rachel Jackson


Make Your Own Mini Broom

Make your own mini broom. Decorate it with trinkets, ribbons and dried flowers. Add a hanger or a magnet to display wherever you want. All materials will be provided.

- Rachel Jackson


Quilt Making

This year we will be making the south quilt. It’s all about the fire, the passion and love. Come with a burning idea to make your quilt square for the south. Materials provided. Be part of the Elderflower tradition—the directional quilts stay at the festival each year.

- Cynthia Larsen


Bead Exchange

- Phyllis Gallagher


Spoon Carving

Spoon carving has a near-magnetic pull on both novice woodcarvers and old hands with a carving knife. Once you experience the satisfaction of crafting something both beautiful and useful, you’re likely to carve spoons for years to come. Donna will show you how to make truly one-of-a-kind spoons from freshly-cut hardwoods. Students will split apart small bolts of green wood, then begin to rough out the shape of their spoon with a hatchet. A “sloyd” knife will follow, working the refined overall shape. For hollowing the spoon’s bowl, students will learn the use of specialized hook knives. The workshop will cover various aspects of green-wood spoon carving - with special emphasis on the safe and efficient use of the axes and knives, and the design choices involved in making a spoon that is both attractive and highly functional. This workshop will familiarize you with traditional knife strokes, wood grain and carving techniques by roughing out, carving and finishing an eating spoon. Minimum Age 12, Maximum number of participants 10

- Donna Lauzon


Amazon Ritual

- Christine Shonkwiler

Crone Ritual

- Marni Temple